The NSBE Aerospace Systems Conference (NSBE-ASC) is a scientific and technical conference of the NSBE Professionals, focused on aeronautical and astronautical disciplines.  The conference is unique in that it is America's only known technical conference focused specifically on dissemination of the scientific and engineering contributions of African American aerospace professionals.  The conference was first held in February 2010, as an outgrowth of the NSBE Space Special Interest Group's participation in the 2006 National Space Society's International Space Development Conference at the Los Angeles Sheraton Gateway Hotel, where NSBE Space hosted an African Americans in Space mini-conference.  The success of that event led attendees to request a NSBE-hosted space or aerospace event and NSBE-ASC was born.

Another uniqueness of NSBE-ASC is its Space Research of NSBE track.  While many professional societies host technical conferences, featuring employee research in a variety of subject matter domains, NSBE-ASC also features a track dedicated to its own, independent research.  As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, NSBE fulfills one of the IRS-directed purposes of a nonprofit by conducting all-volunteer scientific and engineering activities relevant to the missions of NASA and other aerospace federal agencies.  The Space Research of NSBE track is devoted to featuring the results of that research.  Additionally, through partnerships with NSBE's student membership demographics, this research creates opportunities for undergraduate apprenticeship and mentoring, multi-institution university research collaborations, and K-12 aerospace education outreach.