African American Aerospace Professionals Speaking with Students Across the Country

The purpose of the 2016 NSBE Aerospace Skype Outreach program is to provide African American K-12 students a 30-minute opportunity to speak directly with African American aerospace professionals about their experiences in the aerospace industry and opportunities to pursue careers in aerospace.  Students will speak with African American aerospace professionals from across the country who are attending the 2016 NSBE Aerospace Systems Conference.  Approximately five minutes will be allocated for the professional to introduce himself or herself.  The remainder of the time will be dedicated to question and answer from the students.  These professionals work for organizations as diverse as NASA, the FAA, Air Force, Boeing, Lockheed, United Launch Alliance, and a host of other aerospace companies and federal agencies or research institutions.  They are taking time out of the conference activities to speak with your students because they believe it is important to inspire the next generation to pursue careers in aerospace.

School and Community Organization Information

This activity is open to any youth serving organization, including public or private school classrooms, student clubs, Boy and Girl Scouts, NSBE Jr. chapters, fraternity and sorority youth outreach entities, church youth groups, athletic teams, etc.  Note that organizations may request more than one session provided that they have a unique set of students in each group.  A separate application should be requested for each group.  For instance, an elementary school might request a different session for its Kindergarten, first, second, third, fourth, and fifth grade classes.

As an example, an elementary school might register the following three groups separately:

Mr. Johnson's 1st Grade Class - Benjamin Banneker Elementary

Ms. Jones and Mr. Richard's 2nd Grade Classes - Benjamin Banneker Elementary

Mr. Nichols' 5th Grade Class - Benjamin Banneker Elementary

In this case, three separate registrations would be completed - one for each group.

Participation Guidelines: 

  1. The sessions will use the Skype platform.  Organizations must possess computer and internet connectivity for us to communicate via Skype and must also have sufficient projection and audio speaker capability for their students to hear the conversation with our aerospace professionals.  We recommend testing your connection in advance of your scheduled session.
  2. Organizations must take an attendance count and provide NSBE via email the following data for our demographic assessments: total number of students attending, total number of African American students attending, total number of male students attending, total number of female students attending. (Please note: participation is NOT limited to African American students, but we do wish to collect data on the number of African American students reached.)
  3. Organizations must survey their group both before and after the Skype session to determine their interest in aerospace careers.  A short questionnaire form will be provided to organizations via email.

Schools and community organizations may register for a Skype session here.