Welcome to Partnership with the 2018 NSBE Aerospace Systems Conference!

On behalf of the National Society of Black Engineers Professionals, we welcome your organization to participate in the 5th Biennial NSBE Aerospace Systems Conference (NSBE-ASC), the first (and so far only) known conference dedicated specifically to the technical contributions of African American aerospace professionals.  NSBE-ASC leverages the network of aerospace NSBE Professionals to showcase relevant technical innovations and collaboration opportunities.

The conference features peer-reviewed technical paper publications, aerospace industry-specific training courses, local aerospace facility tours, aerospace panel discussions, executive-level keynote addresses, aerospace industry awards, and an aerospace technology trade show.  NSBE seeks to align the Aerospace Systems Conference with the interests of US aerospace federal agencies, corporations, research institutions, and nonprofits.  Partnering with NSBE-ASC enables a joint effort between your organization and NSBE to strengthen and diversify the US aerospace technical workforce while also creating innovative and substantive solutions to important aerospace challenges facing the nation.

Partnership is more than a mere financial contribution.  Partners gain the greatest benefit when they leverage the conference as an opportunity to show the growth potential and technical proficiency of African American technical professionals within their organization.  NSBE-ASC provides ideal outlets for company employee resource groups or affinity groups to provide technical outlets for their members.  NSBE-ASC is also an ideal platform to publicize company developments in the technical community.  An ASC attendee once described the conference as, "the place to learn about the latest NASA discoveries before they are shown on CNN."  NSBE-ASC has been described by Black Enterprise as the "who's who of African Americans in aerospace" and the extensive gathering of leading professionals places partners in touch with the leading edge of the aerospace community.

Partners gain access to experienced technical talent, expose their own employees to numerous technical development opportunities, and position their organizations collaborate and partner with leading aerospace organizations.  Multiple partnership levels enable organizations to tailor partnership to best match internal priorities.  NSBE is the ideal platform for aerospace organizations to combine all of their interests, from youth outreach, to aerospace policy, to technology development, all into one platform.